Nancy Alisberg, J.D.

Nancy Alisberg is the Legal Director of Disability Rights Connecticut, the newly formed non-profit that was recently designated as the protection and advocacy agency for Connecticut. Prior to joining DRCT, Ms. Alisberg was the Managing Attorney at the State of Connecticut Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities for over 17 years. She has a long history as a civil rights lawyer, dating back to 1983 when she was a Reginald Heber Smith Community Lawyer Fellow, better known then as a “Reggie.” She is excited to be a part of starting a new P&A, and looks forward to seeing how DRCT is going to make its mark.

In 2003 she brought one of the first cases using P&A standing against the Connecticut Department of Correction alleging that they failed to provide appropriate mental health treatment to prisoners in both the supermax facility and the mental health prison. The case settled in 2006 and the settlement agreement expired in 2009. OPA maintained a strong presence in the prison system since that time, and now DRCT remains concerned about the treatment of prisoners with mental health needs.