Victoria Bernard

Torry Bernard is a resilient woman who has navigated her journey through both the Foster Care System and Mental Health System. Torry works at Advocacy Unlimited in New Britain, Connecticut, New Britain, Connecticut, where she is the Young Adult Warmline Coordinator through Join Rise Be, the Emerging adult initiative. Torry advocates and inspires others through her own experiences. She is passionate about the importance of support and connection with her peers, providing resources for young people, and advocating for foster children and children aging out of the system. Torry participated in the Foster Youth Shadow Program in Washington D.C. this past May where she met with Congressman/Congresswoman about what worked well and what did not work while growing up in the foster care system. Torry is trained in Intentional Peer Support and strives each day to share the knowledge of human connection and mutuality. Torry continues to share her positivity and journey everyday through her work and personal life.