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It's Our Story is a mixed-media digital history archive that houses the most comprehensive collection of video, photos and documents regarding life with disability in America. The It's Our Story repository and its contents are testaments to America's most fundamental values of freedom, autonomy, and independence. The national initiative that has developed from the archive has united hundreds of grassroots advocates, scholars, educators and civic leaders from nearly every state in the United States.

It's Our Story began as a father-son media project centering on the late Ed Roberts---a man often referred to as the “father of disability rights.” The project allowed both Scott Cooper and his son Eric Clow to come to terms with their own disabilities and, in the process, transformed their view of others with disabilities

“In time, this humble high school history day project developed into the most ambitious and comprehensive video oral history project in the United States.”

During the past eight years, Scott Cooper has driven over 160,000 miles, collecting the personal testimonies of people from over 250 locations. Since its inception in 2005, It's Our Story has interviewed more than 1,300 people across America

IOS firmly believes the power, passion and pride shared among many members of the disability community provide incredible insights into the broader spectrum of humanity and greatly contribute to the evolution of a society. Our interviews disclose the greatness of the human spirit, uncover the tyranny of isolation, and provide solutions for a better tomorrow.

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