Marty Hadge - Western Mass Recovery Learning Community

Marty Hadge

Marty Hadge has been a member of the Western Mass Recovery Learning Communityfor the past four years. She is a trainer for The Hearing Voices Network USA and works as a Peer Facilitator for the Western Mass RLC. As a single mother on welfare, Marty began her human rights work as a member of a Boston based welfare rights group The Coalition for Basic Human Needs. She went on to transition from a Head Start parent to Family Advocate and then Union Organizer of her co-workers and President of UAW Local 2322. Over the years, she has accessed traditional mental health services in an effort to heal from the trauma she suffered from childhood and as an adult. Working her way through her own experience of hearing voices and extreme states, she became active in the Western Mass Recovery Community and became a member of one of the first Hearing Groups in the USA. She found meaning and value to her experience. Marty has served as the Western Mass RLC's Human Rights Officer and has now moved into the Peer Bridger position, working with people transitioning out of psychiatric hospitalization.