Caroline Mazel-White

Caroline Mazel-White first interfaced with psychiatry at the age of eight, and years later was able to find a path out of a world defined by diagnoses and medications through roller derby and social activism.

Since moving out of a staffed group home seven years ago, she has worked tirelessly to create change in the mental health system, developing and re-defining peer roles in various organizations in North Carolina and Massachusetts.

Caroline is currently a part of the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community (WMRLC), promoting the values of self-determination and mutual support in a number of settings, ranging from a long-term forensic unit to a Quaker Meeting House. She is a facilitator/trainer for "Alternatives to Suicide" groups, promoting conversation and connection over the current paradigm of "risk assessment”. Caroline is also a trainer for Hearing Voices-USA and works on developing national networks of support for voice-hearers in her role as Training Coordinator for the Hearing Voices Research and Development Project.