Lauren J. Tenney, Ph.D., M.Phil., M.P.A.

A psychiatric survivor, Ms. Tenney is an abolitionist first involuntarily institutionalized in 1988 at age fifteen. Tenney exposes institutional corruption entrenched with state power via fraud as sources of profit for organized psychiatry and works to eradicate modern human rights violations including murder, torture, and slavery carried out via State-Sponsored Organized Psychiatric Industries (#SSOPI). Tenney’s current research includes: #HairCare: investigating parent/child conflict and attachment and identity development; #WatchedForLife understanding what it's like to live under medical surveillance for Leukocytosis and/or Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS). Forthcoming: Sustainability and Longevity of the Body After Trauma and Psychiatrization.

Lauren Tenney has been involved with the user and survivor movement since 1992. Her goal is to help stop forced psychiatric procedures, detainment, and confinement, human rights violations, psychiatric abuse and torture. Of particular concern are the elimination of forced electroconvulsive treatment (ECT, electroshock) on people of all ages, but particularly children and senior citizens, forced drugging, restraints, seclusion, behavioral interventions, and coercion of any kind.

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