Beyond the Story: Letting Go Judgment of Others, Getting to “Know Thyself”

Corinne “Mitzy Sky” Taylor

Taking a look at how unconsciously learned messages was an obstacle to having my best life experiences. Having positive support, basic human needs, and work has the potential that leads to taking risk, learning, moving forward, experiencing gratitude, empathy, compassion, creativity, innovation and giving back. Paying close attention to how emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; abandonment, poor education, poverty, bullying, racism, and sexism, hindered my confidence and awareness.

At the conclusion of this activity, people participating should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate how to structure a three-part story
  2. Explore practicing shame resilience, forgiveness and awareness, to be present
  3. Explore moving forward using personal responsibility instead of pain as motivation
  4. Explore using the power of language to shape our own story and take back autonomy