NARPA 2021 Webinar Series:

Advocating for Equitable Health Care in a Public Health Emergency

Monday, October 4, 2021 Presenters: Asim Dietrich, J.D., and Maya Abela, J.D.

During the pandemic, many states implemented crisis standards to determine who will and will not receive lifesaving care if health care resource demands exceed supply. Such standards included discriminatory criteria, prohibited by federal non-discrimination laws, for healthcare providers to consider disability characteristics and assumptions on quality-of-life and social worth when making triage decisions. Presenters will discuss Arizona Center for Disability Law's (ACDL) advocacy to ensure COVID-19 crisis standards do not discriminate based on disability, race, color, sex or age.

Powerpoint, "Advocating for Equitable Health Care in a Public Health Emergency" (PowerPoint) (PDF)

The video recording of this webinar will be available on NARPA's YouTube channel.