Coerced Treatment, New Challenges, New Responses: NARPA’s Treatment Over Objection Working Group

A public meeting to discuss NARPA’s Treatment Over Objection Committee and its activities, including a recent national survey regarding forced treatment
Arthur Baer, J.D., et al.

The forced administration of drugs, electroconvulsive therapy, and other medical procedures, over a patient’s objection, implicates the fundamental rights of persons who are involuntarily committed in psychiatric hospital, or under involuntary outpatient commitment orders. Such treatment typically involves medication over objection but can also involve the administration of electro convulsive therapy or shock treatment, and even highly personal and intrusive medical treatment such as amputations. The goal of this session is to discuss trends, including new legislation, and potential issues that have arisen, or may arise in coerced treatment, and what may be done to respond. It will also discuss NARPA’s work in the area through its treatment over objection working group and public policy committee.