Tom Behrendt, Kwamena Blankson, and Bill Stewart

Conference attendees who are participating in their first or second annual event are sometimes overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information available. Long term NARPA members tend to use verbal shorthand in references to cases, books or agencies. This workshop is an informal discussion of the history, mission and current status of the organization. Questions and comments are encouraged. Bill Stewart and Tom Behrendt are former NARPA Presidents and Kwamena Blankson is the current President.

Mental Health Advocacy: From Then to Now -- a history of NARPA and overview of the movement written by Rae Unzicker in 2001

NARPA Rights Tenet Newsletters -- an archive of NARPA's newsletters, originally published between 1984 and 2002

Report of the National Council on Disability: "From Privileges to Rights: People Labeled with Psychiatric Disabilities Speak for Themselves" -- With a link to the full report here (PDF).